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Below is the tattoo application. Please copy, paste, fill it in & send back to APPLICATION Phone# and e-mail: Best time to contact: Tattoo description:       Black and grey or color:   Placement (please describe placement and if possible attach a photo of the area you would like to get tattooed) :     Approximate size in inches:   Is this a cover-up? If this is a cover-up please attach a photo of existing tattoo including the whole area where the tattoo is (not just a close up of the tattoo)   Have you had a tattoo from Jesse before? If so what is the tattoo?   Is this a continuation on an existing piece that Jesse has done?   Have you applied with us before?   Price range, if any? (If there isn’t a strict budget It will help me give you the best tattoo possible )      Thank you for your application and your interest in getting tattooed by Jesse. Due to high demand, every applicant might not get an appointment right away, but if you don’t get an appointment this time and you didn’t receive an e-mail saying that he is not interested in the tattoo, please be sure to try again the next time the books open. It may take a couple tries but once you have an appointment the wait will only be 3-4 months.      Jesses rate is $1000-$1500 half day (4-6hours) and $1500 -$2500 full day (6-10 hours). When you make your appointment you will be asked to leave a deposit to guarantee your spot in the amount of $300. Your deposit will come off of the final price of the tattoo and is nonrefundable. If you need to reschedule your appointment let us know by phone at lease 3 days before your appointment and we will apply your deposit to another date. If you reschedule your appointment more than two times or fail to show up for your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.  When we call to set up your appointment please have a credit card on hand to make your deposit.    (Just a reminder) Jesse mainly works in a realism style. He will do some cover-ups but is currently not fixing, touching up or finishing other artist’s work.